Youth Ministry Misfits

In this podcast, Tim talks from his experience in Youth Work and in Church-based Youth Ministry to make the link between Youth Work principles and their usefulness for Youth Ministries. In particular, creating Youth Ministries where young people who might be labelled the “misfits” are free to belong.

We are for the misfits. Those who don’t fit at school, those who don’t fit in at church, and those who feel they don’t fit anywhere. We are misfits, and we are called to be misfits and to be for the misfits.

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Youth, Violence and Crime

This podcast is associated with a subject by the same name at Tabor Institute of Higher Education, and in this podcast we will analyse the link between violence done by young people, the violence done to young people, and the non-violent responses young people engage with. It uses a sociological analysis to understand how sociological structures are in themselves a violence.

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