Youth work is a unique and diverse profession that is shaped by a variety of ideas, values and practices. Finding and sustaining your vocation as a youth worker is best supported by a community of critical reflection. Simplistic definitions of youth work like “people who work with young people” aren’t always as simple (or helpful) as they appear. Here is one idea that has had a strong resonance with our community over many years:

“Other professionals will build a relationship in order to effectively deliver a service. A youth worker will offer a service in order to build a relationship.”

– Lloyd Martin (2002) The Invisible Table, Dunmore Press Limited

There are many other important aspects of youth work:

  • Informal Education
  • Critical and Structural Perspectives
  • Spiritual Reflection
  • Democratic Dialogue
  • Professional Ethics

Each of these contributes to the unique way we think about and practice youth work. If these ideas connect with you then you have probably found the right place, and we hope that the ideas shared on this site support your practice and sense of vocation as a youth worker.